Widebody Z

| Widebody Z |
Here is the Z before it goes to full slantnose mode.⁣
Wasn't going too crazy on this one because we have to save it for later. 😂⁣
First thing first, take out all the parts from the OG slantnose Z and replaced with the new model, slightly remodified the widebody flares, and the front bumper, if you're notice, the headlight scroop line was redirect from the front grille, to the flare arches, I think that will visually looks "balance"⁣
Replaced the oem seats with my latest Recaro A8 custom edition.⁣
Lastly, enlarged ducktail, and with the VR21A.⁣
And still... have much to do, but at this point I'm pretty satisfied with the results.⁣
There are still A LOTS of potential in the Z.⁣